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Agnes Botos youtube video
My name is Dr. Agnes Botos. I have a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a 2-year post-graduate degree in Environmental Law. Currently I work as a REACH, GHS and BIOCIDE consultant at GHS-expert Ltd in Hungary.

Since I started my own business in 2008, I have supported more than 100 Hungarian and foreign companies in understanding the REACH and CLP (GHS) regulation and completing the REACH registration in a timely manner.

Currently my primary focus is preparing lead and co-registrant REACH registration dossiers.

According to my experience I provide support primarily to those chemical responsibles, who do not have enough time to read the extensive REACH and GHS regulations and related guidelines in English, have difficulty preparing the Registration Dossiers, communicating in the different SIEFs and as a result are unable to make good strategical decisions related to REACH. My company along with my partners is following all changes related to REACH in order to provide you with up to date information and save your company time and money. My services guarantee 100% compliance with the complicated REACH and GHS regulation, which also means avoiding any possible fines and penalties.

Professional experiences

Prior to starting my own consultancy, I worked for 11 years as an Environmental Health and Safety engineer in the European Central Environment Health and Safety Department of General Electric Company, both in Hungary and the United States.

Since I started my own business I have supported more than 100 Hungarian and foreign companies in understanding the REACH regulation and completing the pre-registration and registration in a timely manner.

In 2016 I defended my PhD at the Central European University, where my dissertation topic was ”Industrial Chemical Regulation in the European Union and the United States: A Comparison of REACH & the Bipartisan TSCA Reform Bills”.

I track on a daily basis all changes of the REACH and CLP (GHS) regulation, have given lectures in both topics at several professional conferences, and through working together with the companies I experience first hand the practical difficulties in their introduction at both small and large companies.

Publications (I was co-author)

  1. Agnes Botos, A Comparison of REACH & the Bipartisan TSCA Reform Bills, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016 (It is my PhD in book format.) https://www.lap-publishing.com
  2. How Could REACH be Improved?
    The European Union REACH Regulation for Chemicals Law and Practice, Edited by Lucas Bergkamp, partner, Hunton &Williams LLP, 2013
  3. Lessons for US lawmakers from the European Unions REACH Program The Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis, November 2012, Volume 42, No.11
  4. Lessons for US lawmakers from the Euorpean Unions REACH Program, 2012 http://www.indiana.edu/~spea/faculty/pdf/REACH_report.pdf
  5. Mit érdemes tudni az ipar szerepl?inek a REACH rendeletr?l? Cd, 2008

Most important trainings

Pictures of international conferences

TSCA Reform
USA, Washington D.C. 2012
What are the Lessons from Europe’s Early Experience with REACH? conferences
On the picture you can see: Adam D.K. Abelkop, Lois R. Wise, John D. Graham, Agnes Botos
EU-Kínai Kereskedelmi Project
Éves REACH konferencia Oroszország és a FÁK számára
China, Jingzhao 2012
China EU-China Trade project
Seminar on EU Chemical Regulatory System
(REACH and CLP/GHS Directives and Regulations)
CLP presenter: Agnes Botos

Budapest, Hungary 2012
On the picture you can see:
Dr. Gyula Körtvélyessy and Agnes Botos presenters