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Preparation of UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) codes with an experienced REACH and CLP consultant: quick, professional Poison Center Notification (PCN)

You are already aware that by 1st of January 2020 Annex VIII of CLP regulation (2017/542/EU) should be implemented for hazardous chemical mixtures for consumer use. By that time hazardous mixtures will need to be re-labeled. 

You also know, that the Poison Center Notification (PCN) must be submitted for hazardous chemicals for consumer use by 1st of January 2020: “Harmonised information relating to emergency health response and preventative measures for Poison Centers.”

If you are importer or downstream user placing on the market hazardous mixtures classifed for health or physical hazards, than you should read my homepage carefully.

What will be added to your hazardous mixture’s label after 2020, 2021, 2024

-A 16-character Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) code will be on your labels as it is required by Annex VIII of CLP regulation.

The full compliance with CLP Annex VIII is much more complex, than sticking a UFI code to the label: 

• Intensive communication in the supply chain to gather the required data
• Portfolio checking: recipes and components of the hazardous mixtures
• To clarify the exact concentration and concentration ranges of the hazardous and non-hazardous components of the mixtures
• To collect the CLP classification of the hazardous components of the mixtures
• To determine the colouring agents, perfumes, fragrances in the mixture
• To determine the mixture in mixture (MIM)
• To determine the European Product Categorization System (EUPCS) codes
• To determine packaging (type and size)
• To determine product family
• UFI generation and validation
• To prepare new labels and packaging
• To learn how to use PCN portal or IUCLID
• Submit Poison Center notification to the different member states
• To pay the authority fees for the different member states
• To make an inventory about the PCN submission
• To know the variations of the concentration of component requiring a submission update

1 January 2020 hazardous mixtures for consumer use
1 January 2021 hazardous mixtures for professional use
1 January 2024 hazardous mixtures for industrial use
• 1 January 2025 if you have a valid PCN submission according to the old legislation

Do not risk a penalty, start to learn the new requirements.

What shall I do to be in compliance with the new regulation (2017/542/EU) on time?

If you really want to be in 100 % compliance with CLP Annex VIII, than read the following 2 services:

- Training:

After the training you will able to prepare Poison Center Notification alone, since I will show you through a real mixture, how to make a successful notification.
After the training you will know how you can be 100 % compliance with the 2017/542/EU regulation.

- Poison Center Notification

You just collect the necessary data, we prepare the Poison Center notification, after it you just need to make a new label.

I request a price quote

Requesting a price offer is free of charge, means no obligations for you and you will receive the offer in 2 days. 
My services guarantee 100% compliance with the complicated CLP regulation, which also means avoiding any possible fines and penalties.

  • Chemical resistant labels

    Chemical resistant labels

    If you wish, you can order chemical resistance labels from us, and you can even print them in your office, on a simple laser printer.

    The unparalleled qualities of the 60 types of labels we sell:
    • Sticks perfectly on virtually all surfaces;
    • Resistant to oil, bases and even to various acids;
    • Light, rain, and even the most extreme weather conditions cannot cause damage for them;
    • It is even resistant to salty sea water, even for the long term;
    • It is damage-proof guaranteed between -40 C and +120 C;
    More information about labelling .


  • Safety data sheet update service

    Safety data sheet update service

    If you prefer we can update your existing Safety data sheets according to the new GHS (CLP) regulations and 2015/830/EU regulation.


  • Trainings (GHS, CLP, REACH, IUCLID)

    Trainings (GHS, CLP, REACH, IUCLID)

    We organize the foloowing trainings and audits related to chemical management:

    REACH and CLP audit:
    • 1. day - on-site REACH, CLP and chemical legislations audit
    REACH and CLP legislation changes:
    • 1. day - legislation changes
    GHS (CLP) training:
    • 1. day - basics
    • 2. day - classification for all classes
    • 3. day - mixture classification for all classes
    REACH rendelet training:
    • 1. day - basic
    IUCLID training:
    • 1. day - IUCLID training mini registration dossier
    • 2. day - IUCLID training lead registration dossier / biocide dossier
    Chesar tool training:
    • 1.day - Chesar tool training Chemical Safety Report and Exposure Scenario
    Safety data sheet training:
    • 1. day - safety data sheet and its exposure scenario 100% legal compliance