REACH lead registration dossier

Preparation of a REACH lead registration dossier

Don’t wait until another company will be the lead registrant in 2018, control the price and be you the lead registrant! It will save you money.

If you watch this presentation below you will get an answer to your basic questions related to the REACH lead registration dossier.

If you still have questions, please read the Services part in this homepage or call me.

If you choose to have my company as your consultant to prepare your lead registration dossier, we will ensure 100% money back guarantee that your registration dossier will successfully pass first. This means we will return your money if the submission does not pass for first trial.

Hunting for a lead registrant

Advise from an experienced REACH consultant: Find out the LoA price from the lead registrant, if no lead registrant yet, be you in order to control the price. I will tell you how to find out the lead registrant in this presentation below.