Ágnes Botos

REACH, GHS, Biocid consultant
GHS-expert Ltd. managing director

What kind of problems can we solve?

My name is Dr Agnes Botos. I have a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a 2-year post-graduate degree in Environmental Law. Currently I work as a REACH, GHS and BIOCIDE consultant in Hungary. Since I started my own business in 2008, I have supported about 100 Hungarian and foreign companies in understanding the EU chemical regulations and completing the REACH registration and CLP classification in a timely manner.

If you do not have enough time to read the extensive regulations and related guidelines, have difficulty answering some questions, would like to avoid any possible fines and penalties, and would like to save your company time and money, please contact me. Precision, trustworthiness and last but not least, taking responsibility for our work are top priorities for GHS Expert Ltd.

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REACH registration simple with Dr. Agnes Botos

  • Submitted more than 150 REACH co-registrant dossiers
  • Submitted more than 10 lead registration dossiers
  • 100 % compliance
  • Practical application of the REACH regulation and strategical advice
  • Cost effective REACH registration
  • Insurance at Generali
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Last update on: 2014-01-13


It is well worth doing the REACH registration with the help of a professional and fair REACH consultant. The cooperation with Agnes Botos provided our comany one of the most important things, the feeling of trust and security.

Szilágyi József, Bige Holding Kft.
Opinion: REACH consultancy

"Ms. Agnes Botos proved to be very helpful, diligent, thorough, punctual, knowledgeable, talented, resourceful, quick minded, circumspect, reliable expert consultant in her professional fields like REACH, CLP, ADR. With the present Recommendation Letter we wish to strongly recommend her professional services to anyone concerned."

Imre Gercsák, IBE International Ltd.
Opinion: CLP consultancy
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What shall I write to the new label and when? Who should prepare the new label and in which language?

A gyártónak, importőrnek, továbbfelhasználónak (beleértve a készítőt is) vagy forgalmazónak (beleértve a kiskereskedőt is), a forgalomba hozatalt megelőzően címkéznie kell valamennyi veszélyes anyagot vagy keveréket.

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