REACH mini dossier ;
REACH intermediate dossier ;
REACH lead registration dossier ;
REACH traininig ;


What is the aim of the CLP regulation? ;
Which chemical substances are exempted under CLP regulation? ;
What are the new CLP pictograms and how can I download them? ;
What shall I write to the new label and when? Who should prepare the new label and on which language? ;
What is the CLP implementation deadline for a substance and for a mixture? When shall I use the new pictograms in the label and in the SDS? ;
What kind of chemical materials and articles should be re-classified? How should I classiy the chemical mixtures? What is a translation table? What is a harmonized list? ;
What kind of hazard classes and categories are available in the CLP? ;
How can I find aout the codes of the harmonized list? An example… ;
What kind of substances shall I notify and how? What is the notification deadline? Who will make the notification? ;


Biocide active substance manufacturer’s task ;
Biocide active substance importer’s task ;
Biocidal product importer’s task ;
Biocidal product producer’s task ;
Biocidal product distributor’s task ;