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We will ensure your continuous compliance with REACH regulation so you can focus on your everyday job!

Most likely you are one of those employees with endless tasks at hand, who performs his/her job with strong responsibility and integrity. Otherwise you would not have been chosen to manage the tasks related to REACH. Despite the fact that you have demonstrated your expertise and responsible attitude time and time again, with regards to REACH even you have doubts sometimes. This is comes as no surprise, of course. Even though you may be able to read the 800-page description of the Regulation in your own language, it is certainly difficult to find time to study the over 2000 page long English language guidance. In the case that you manage to participate in REACH conferences, you may receive the guidelines, but the work itself is still waiting for you to complete at home.

Good REACH strategy = Profitability, Staying in Business
Bad REACH Strategy = Financial Loss?

You have probably passed the pre-registration successfully. You are sitting in several (PRE)-SIEFs and now is the time to decide wisely “What should be the next steps?” As a responsible representative, you are well aware of the fact that with a good REACH strategy you can save significant amounts of money for your company. In fact, it may depend on your decision whether the import or production of a particular chemical substance remains profitable in the future. You can feel the pressure, yet you aren’t always able to provide your management the necessary information to make the best decisions. All this at a time when deadlines for the REACH registrants are coming closer and closer.

What are ways to drastically reduce REACH registration costs?

I have seen with many of my clients, that after they successfully complete the pre-registration, they become confused at the registration stage and have difficulty recognizing their own interests. They don’t realize what enormous amounts of money they can save by clarifying the following questions.

5 recommendations that may save millions for your company during the REACH registration
  1. Very often company representatives don’t realize that their firm may be exempt from REACH registration. With many companies we were able to cross off certain substances from the registration list, after reading together the options for exemption described in Section 2 of REACH and also in the revised Annexes IV and V of REACH. If you have not done yet, make sure to read the options for exemption from registration in order to avoid paying out millions for no reason.
  2. To be safe, many firms pre-registered the impurities and additives. This is not a problem, even though theoretically impurities and additives do not need to be registered, even if their annual quantities based on percentage composition exceed 1 ton. In general we can say that, according to REACH, an 80% composition substance is still called mono-constituent, meaning that up to almost 20% of the chemical substance produced by the company can be made up of impurities and additives.
  3. In several cases, if I don’t ask, companies don’t realize that the substance they produce may qualify as intermediate according to REACH, despite the fact that the substance is sold to other companies and it is transported outside the company premises. This is a very important factor, because intermediate registration costs significantly less. If your buyer is producing a new chemical substance from your chemical substance, then your company has a good chance for the much cheaper intermediate registration.
  4. In the case of substances in plant protection and biocidal products requirements similar to REACH have long been implemented. Therefore it is important to check whether another company may have already completed the registration.
  5. Importers are typically unaware that if they receive a notification that a non-EU partner has assigned an “only representative”, in this case they become exempt of the REACH registration, as long as they buy from this partner. This is also an important strategy for EU companies in trying to force the non-EU partners to assign REACH only representative.
Have you checked these for your company yet? If not, make sure to do it now!

If you have doubts regarding the above list, do pick up the phone or write me an email, I’ll be glad to help you. As a devoted REACH consultant, I have a lot more time to study all details of the REACH regulation and its instructions to be able to help my clients. Thinking together, we can decide what may be the best REACH strategy for your company, saving you time and money.

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