BIOCIDE consultacy

We will ensure your continous compliance with Biocide regulation so you can focus on your everyday job.

Most likely you are one of those employees with endless tasks at hand, who performs his/her job with strong responsibility and integrity. Otherwise you would not have been chosen to manage the tasks related to biocides. Despite the fact that you have demonstrated your expertise and responsible attitude time and time again, with regards to biocides even you have doubts sometimes. This is comes as no surprise, of course. Even though you may be able to read the 200-page description of the Regulation in your own language, it is certainly difficult to find time to study the over 500 page long English language guidance. In the case that you manage to participate in biocides conferences, you may receive the guidelines, but the work itself is still waiting for you to complete at home.

Good BIOCIDE strategy = Profitability, Staying in Business.

Bad BIOCIDE Strategy = Financial Loss

As a responsible representative, you are well aware of the fact that with a good biocide strategy you can save significant amounts of money for your company. In fact, it may depend on your decision whether the import or production of a particular chemical substance remains profitable in the future. You can feel the pressure, yet you aren’t always able to provide your management the necessary information to make the best decisions. All this at a time when deadline 1st of September 2015, for the biocide active substance approval are coming closer and closer.

I have seen with many of my clients, that after they successfully complete the paper –based old biocid permits, they become confused at the new biocide active substance approval and at the new biocidal products authorisation when they need to use IUCLID and R4BP softwares.

I use IUCLID and REACH-IT sofwares since 2009 for REACH registration dossiers, that is why I can prepare a biocide dossier easily.

BIOCIDAL product dossier preparation;
BIOCIDE active substance approval dossier service;
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