Ms. Agnes Botos proved to be very helpful, diligent, thorough, punctual, knowledgeable, talented, resourceful, quick minded, circumspect, reliable expert consultant in her professional fields like REACH, CLP, ADR. With the present Recommendation Letter we wish to strongly recommend her professional services to anyone concerned.

Imre Gercsák, IBE International Kft.
Review topic: CLP consultancy

It is well worth doing the REACH registration with the help of a professional and fair REACH consultant. The cooperation with Agnes Botos provided our comany one of the most important things, the feeling of trust and security.

József Szilágyi, Bige Holding Kft.
Review topic: REACH consultancy

I recommend to everybody to do the REACH registration with the help of a REACH expert, and not by themselves. Agnes Botos took this burden off my shoulder during REACH registration.

Zsolt Horváth, Horváth Tüzép Kft.
Review topic: REACH consultancy

REACH registration is a multiple step process, and it requires both theoretical and practical knowledge, otherwise the success of REACH registration is in jeopardy. A good consultant can save a lot of time and energy for the registrant. We got a thorough understanding of the REACH registration. Thank you very much.

Rudolf Boros, Sapa Profiles Kft.
Review topic: REACH consultancy

The CLP training held by Agnes Botos was extremely useful for me. I recommend it to everybody who wants to learn more about CLP.

Emese Sódar, Preciz Kft.
Review topic: CLP training

Very professional, translates the legislation into the „every-day” language. She is open to questions, and aims to find solutions for the issues. She is ready to answer questions not directly related to the topic, as well.

Kinga Villangó, Chinoin Zrt.
Review topic: Presentation (Chemical Safety Report and exposure scenarios)

The presentation by Agnes was very clear for me and had practical benefit. I would like to specially emphasize, that she mentioned several real life examples from her practice, as well.

Márton Egressy, Chinoin Zrt. - HSE responsible
Review topic: Presentation (Chemical Safety Report and exposure scenarios)

"She is thoughtful, kind, helpful. If I did not understand something, she helped me kindly."

György Kucsera, MOL Nyrt.
Review topic: IUCLID 5 training

I feel useful this training, it helped me a lot. It was interactive and we had enough time for questions.

Réka Csalaová, SPV Slovakia
Review topic: IUCLID 5 training

We got useful and objective information in a good atmosphere. I liked her patience and her informative presentation.

Miklós Stirling, MOL Nyrt.
Review topic: IUCLID 5 training

We have been cooperating with Agnes Botos since 2008 regarding REACH registration matters. Agnes has proven to be a knowledgeable, professional and responsible person, pre-emptive, able to work under time pressure and deliver in accordance with strict deadlines. Having a “can do” and flexible approach Agnes is able to find the best possible solution in every matter, tailored to the given business needs, in a limited period of time. Due to the sound educational background Agnes can react efficiently to any query and provide credible advice. Agnes’s personal characteristics, excellent communication skills and positive approach to finding a solution to any matter contribute to a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Kim Alina, SVL Activ Trading Ltd, Moscow, Russia
Review topic: Only representative service

When I first heard about the REACH regulation and started to study the 800 pages, I had doubts that I will ever understand and be able to apply it at our company. I think it has been written with too many chemical and legal terms. I tried to understand it, but the picture never really came together. Then I heard about the REACH audit in the newsletter. Agnes Botos’s audit and her explanations helped me a lot, it is very practical and focusing on the main points. I can easily state that by the end of the audit (appr. 3.5-4 hours) I saw everything clearly, what our company must do to comply with the regulation today and in the following years. I can only recommend that those who are unsure of the requirements of the regulation get in touch with Agnes, it is worth spending this time and energy on the REACH Audit.

Ilona Goldschmidtné Horváth, BE International Kft.
Review topic: CLP training